Show Dates & Results

2020 Show Dates

15th Feb           North Warrington            Points

29th Feb           Wyevern                           Rosette                              J Saynor

15th March       North Stafford                 Rosette                              A Hanger

21st   March      Lincolnshire                     Rosette                              E Burton  

4th    April        Birmingham          AGM/Adult stock/Cali show          C Sharp           

                                                                                                         J Taylor

11th April         Yorkshire /Keighley         YSS                                   B Searle

9th    May           Oswestry                          Rosette/Seminar              M Leigh

14th  June        Cumbria                           Rosette                             H Lehan

 17th June         Royal Cheshire                 Points

21st  June         South West Champ           Points

      August       Halifax agricultural         Points

12th  Sept        Real London                     Points

4th  October      Birmingham                    Rosette                             G Jackson

24th October     Warwickshire                   Rosette                            J Betts

14th November  Oldham                            Points

15th  Nov           Sandbach                         ISS                                    L Obern

5th December     Worth Valley                  Points

12th December   Loughborough                 Rosette                        S White

      January    2021        Bradford /Doncaster  YSS  /Seminar  R Hadley

Rosette, Points and Stock Shows.

Stock Shows

Every year the NHCC holds three stock shows – as do most specialist breed clubs, area clubs and some local cavy clubs. These are the Adult Stock Show, the Intermediate Stock Show (for cavies 5-8 months) and the Young Stock Show (for cavies over 3 months and under 5 months). Trophies for Best In Show, Best Black and Best Chocolate are awarded for each of these shows along with accompanying rosettes. There are also Supporting Classes at each of these shows to accommodate the other age groups and these are sometimes judged by a different judge. Again a trophy is awarded to the Best Supporting and there are also rosettes.

The Adult Stock Show is a Himalayan only show and is usually held at the Birmingham Cavy Club’s venue as this is centrally placed for people coming from all over the country to reach. Following this show we hold our Annual General Meeting. The other two stock shows are held at different host cavy shows every year but the Young Stock Show is held at The Bradford Small Livestock Show (at Doncaster) every other year – years with an even number.

Rosette Shows

The NHCC holds around 8 Rosette Shows every year at differing local cavy shows. Rosettes are awarded for each breed class - Best Black Adult Boar,

Best Black Adult Sow, Best Chocolate Adult Boar etc right through to Best Chocolate u5 Sow. Larger rosettes are also awarded for Best In Show and Best Opposite colour (so if a Black wins Best In Show then the Best Chocolate is awarded the Best Opposite rosette and vice versa).


Points Shows

The NHCC holds around 8 points shows every year. This is where points are awarded in the Himalayan classes in the host clubs own schedule. So for example, if you went to the Oldham Cavy Club Show and it was advertised as an NHCC Points Show and you won a 1st in the Black Himalayan Adult class you would get 3 points. 2 points for a 2nd and 1 point for a 3rd – all age groups, both colours. The Oldham show secretary will send the results to the NHCC secretary who will keep a record of all points winners and at the end of each year the members with the most points in Black, Chocolate and Juniors will receive club trophies.

Points are also gained in the Rosette Shows and Stock Shows. 3,2 and 1 points in the boar and sow classes of both colours and all three age groups for Rosette Shows. Stock Shows are placed to 7 places so points start at 7 for a 1st down to 1 for 7th.

Separate schedules are in place for Stock Shows and Rosette Shows and these can be found in the club’s Yearbook and on the web site.

All trophies remain the property of the NHCC and must be returned the following year in a clean condition and in good repair. The exception to this rule is the Junior Stock Show winners who may keep their trophies. Many of the trophies are engraved with the winners’ names. If you win a trophy and want your name engraving on it then you should arrange and pay for this yourself. Most of these trophies are very old and reveal the history of the club and therefore precious to the club. This is why we ask that good care is taken of them.

Only fully paid up members of the NHCC are eligible to receive club rosettes and trophies. The club is proud of it’s awards and spends a lot of money on numerous rosettes of a very high quality. This is why our membership is higher than most other breed clubs. We feel it only fair to the paid up members to impose this rule.

All Stock, Rosette and Points shows are advertised in Cavies magazine in the host club’s show advert.

Towards the end of every year, cavy show club secretaries apply to the NHCC for their club to host Stock, Rosette and Points shows for the following year. The NHCC Show Secretary (Peter Wardman) then considers the applications and draws up a show calendar, trying to spread the shows evenly throughout the year and around the country. Having said this, the shows do tend to be weighted to the areas where there are most active members and to the times of year when Himalayans are at their best (winter and spring months). The show calendar can be found in the club’s Yearbook and on the web site.